American Enrollment Specialists is a full-service integrated marketing communications and technology firm specializing in enrollment and marketing for educational institutions.

We don’t only do SEO or SEM or WEBSITES or MAILINGS or PUBLIC RELATIONS. As a true marketing firm we first find out what you want, then understand what you need and finally do all of the above as needed to achieve your goals  through a proven process

  1. Awareness

  2. Interest

  3. Engagement

  4. Enrollment

Founded from the desire to bring new and existing technologies to the forefront of the education industry we have our own software development team and we customize applications to the needs of our customers. Opening doors for more consistent, reliable and constant Parent-Teacher-Staff communication.

AES provides a broad range of specialized, results-driven services and solution that provides institutions with happier parents, better students and reduced stress in their day to day operations. Getting your message out in a way that parents and students want to listen, resulting in higher enrollment more community support and less empty classrooms.

Clients enjoy unparalleled service under the direction of our experienced account teams that work proactively and creatively to ensure that expectations are met. Through the work of highly trained professionals, cutting-edge technology and bottom line-oriented strategies, AES has the know-how and proven expertise to execute ideas and achieve results.

Marketing communications is not posting on social media or tagging your friends and their friends, its not boosting posts or even placing ads on Facebook and spending money to generate insignificant results such as likes and follows,

Marketing communications Is about knowing how to use these and many other tools available that used in concert with data mining strategies can result in the effective communication of the desired message to the desired potential client. Converting  targets to leads, leads to applications, applications to students and a filling classroom to increase efficiency and maximize results.