Our expertise in increasing enrollment is the value we bring to the table. Here is what you can expect in a typical day, week and month.

Daily customer Management 

  • Interaction with key target market at key traffic hours of the day through multiple electronic media channels 
  • Tweak and monitor activity in landing pages to re-target consumers,
  • Increase digital links to optimize digital presence  
  • Re-Marketing to interested consumers in their prime moments of decision making process
  • Automate and simplify processes to achieve  highest conversion ratios


  • Seek new engagements through advertising
  • Digitally track new leads
  • Monitoring and maximize results

​Social Networks 

  • Create and expand a constant and interactive social media strategy engaging users instead of preaching and informing.​
  • Organize a team of support staff to increase interaction around a unified message
  • Limit/stop and erase the negative media and social  misconceptions about your school ​
  • Use existing target marketing tools available in social media networks to target market new audience

Manage leads and Student funnel

  • Open the enrollment process and make it easier for parents to enroll their students into the system​
  • Use tools available to EAS to facilitate the student enrollment process for parents and students using convenience and ease of access tools to generate a unique selling proposition over other schools in the area ​​​​
  • Provide parents with easy access to frequently asked questions and customized answers to their specific situation through a personal representative that is aware of all of the details of the enrollment process and who can answer question, relay a concern or provide clear expectations. 
  • Prepare the needed documentation to ensure that the school is aware of the student enrollment and has the documentation necessary to begin the registration process

Weekly Promotion

  • Originate and participate in local promotions
  • Develop co-branding opportunities​
  • Increase exposure
  • ​Mailings to relocation, renters, buyers
  • Welcome packets 
  • E mail​

Press Releases

  • Your press release is prepared by a professional who knows how to best tell your story
  • ​Your press release goes to our a network of 350+ News and media outlets come with detailed analytics and brings people to you through a unified message ​
  • Review and report daily activity
  • Review and report market penetration analysis
  • Review and report sales activity and forecast

The above is a small example of the work all of us at AES do for your school. There are no secret shortcuts and no special formula, just hard work and dedicatio. But since this is all we do, we are really good at it and that saves you money.

If you consider the cost of the market analysis the money spent in advertising, public relation campaign, the cost of writing and distributing press releases, the cost of having a person to call , monitor and answer calls from prospective parents  as well as time spent writing and preparing mailings, advertising campaigns, designing landing pages and executing all of the above and much more. 

The purchase and execution of all of the above cost you more than the monthly fee being charged by AES and we can only do it because of consolidation and specialization making the cost and the process simpler and more effective at lower costs